he medium of furniture is used to illuminate not only how people at all social levels lived, but how they thought about themselves and their surroundings. The subject is dealt with chronologically, and uses numerous detailed case studies. The accepted view, which sees 'country' or 'provincial' furniture as essentially derivative, is challenged; an alternative approach is recommended, which recognizes the central part played by craftsmen and suggests that development and innovation can take place in areas far removed from metropolitan centres.

As the acknowledged expert Richard Bebb brings together 16 years of original research in this book published by Saer Books.

Richard (who was born in the Rhondda and now lives in Kidwelly) demonstrates that the tridarns, coffers and dressers, so familiar to us as Welsh pieces, were part of a vital and independent tradition.

The author argues successfully that the distinctiveness of Welsh Furniture owes much to its production by craftsmen in villages and market towns serving customers with whom they were in everyday contact. Using native oak, they produced functional yet beautiful artefacts designed to suit their rural homes. Many have lasted down the generations and are still to be found in their original settings. Not surprisingly, his fresh approach has already been well-received in Wales. But Richard Bebb is a well-known figure amongst both furniture historians and antique dealers and it is in no doubt that his closely-argued analysis will find acceptance across the border. The meticulous research and use of original source material makes this a ground-breaking study of regional furniture, and shows how the artefacts used and loved by generations past can tell us so much about Wales's historical and cultural heritage.

These volumes are a must-have for anyone interested in furniture and design history
and anyone with a passion for Welsh history and culture.

Foreword by Dr Eurwyn Wiliam, Deputy Director National Museum Wales
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There are two volumes each of approximately 380 pages
11.5 ins (290 mm) by 9.5 ins (240 mm). Casebound in cloth with colour dust jackets, both volumes contained in a colour slipcase.

Over 1500 (mostly colour) plates - the majority of which are of previously unpublished pieces and commissioned specifically for this project.


 ISBN 978-0955377310

RRP £150 GBP














To mark this important publication there is also a Collectors Limited Edition of only 350 copies, each numbered and signed by the author.

The volumes are bound in half-leather with gold edging and a ribbon marker, and the set is housed in a superior cloth box.

ISBN 978-0955377327

RRP £350









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